Leopard Theme DST

Leopard Theme DST 1.0

Big cat theme for your Symbian phone


  • Attractive background
  • Includes new icons


  • Nothing too exciting


Leopard Theme DST gives your phone a wild new look.

The theme adds a striking background wallpaper of a leopard's head staring across the screen. This image is tinted with electric blue, which only serves to heighten its impact.

The Leopard Theme DST comes with a completely new set of icons for your phone. Although these have no relevance whatsoever to wild animals, they look quite stylish and unintrusive. That said, there aren't nearly as colorful as the default S60 icons.

It's not a very exciting theme but the Leopard Theme DST provides a subtle way to introduce a big cat to your phone.

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Leopard Theme DST


Leopard Theme DST 1.0

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